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Creators’ AI is a Community for Creators, Makers, Entrepreneurs, and everyone who builds something new. Our team is digging into AI and sharing the most notable things during our journey.

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  • AI Lifehacks - because we find AI as an opportunity in many spheres of life: work, personal productivity, education, and creativity.

  • Practical Cases and Knowledge - you won’t find much theory about AI & ML here. This newsletter is practical-first and aimed to deliver ready-to-use knowledge.

  • Readable in 5 minutes or less - to make it as practical as possible. We are doing our best to roll up the most insightful and valuable things here in email newsletter format.

  • 3 Posts a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) - there may be more frequency in the future.

  • Community approach - we are building a Community and want our subscribers to be a part of it. Contribute, give feedback, share, or support with a paid subscription. Our next milestone is the closed Discord Community.

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