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Hey there 👋

My name is Daniil, and I am a co-founder of Creators AI.

Since start of my career I was thinking about skipping 9-5 job and becoming an entrepreneur. This was so hard when I was a Big-4 Consultant getting my Master's Degree, but I was trying to acquire skills that would make me independent. After empty wallet years, bunch of failed startups I finally created a business that works. But it was taking ALL my time, and I got an even higher stress level. Until AI appeared in my life 🌱

Today I can call myself a creator, founder, makers and sometimes even writer. All this happened eventually after AI appeared in my life and helped me:
1) outsource things I don’t like or don’t know how to do;
2) increase my productivity;
3) build new businesses in days (not years);

4) improve my well-being.

and I found that AI can be more than just funny chatbot but a life-changing set of tools for any person who is creating, building, learning or managing businesses.
And I want to explore this potential for my life and share this with other people. That’s how Creators AI was created 🛫

Here we are

Creators AI is a Community for Creators, Makers, Entrepreneurs, and everyone building something. We are broadcasting our learnings and sharing insights along the way from our journey, and thousands of people of all backgrounds can find something useful, practical, and sometimes fun here 😁

What to expect:

  • AI Lifehacks - because we explore the potential of AI in many spheres of life: work, personal productivity, education, and creativity.

  • Practical Cases and Knowledge - you can find theory about AI & ML at many places. But practical-first content & real-life cases are hard to find, and it’s our focus.

  • Readable in 5 minutes or less - to make it as practical as possible. We are doing our best to roll up the most insightful and valuable things here in email newsletter format.

  • 3 Posts a week - including Premium Posts on AI Tools and Cases and Free News Roundups.

  • Community approach - we are building a Community and want our subscribers to be a part of it. Contribute, give feedback, share, or support with a paid subscription. Our next milestone is the closed Discord Community.

Become a part of the Creators AI Community. Let’s make this journey in AI together 🚀

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